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Investing in PAC

Pacific Current Group (ASX: PAC) is dedicated to providing shareholder value through diligently building and managing a portfolio of bespoke investments in 15 boutique asset managers. We combine capital, strategic business development and a strong network of institutional and retail clients to help our affiliates achieve success.

Investing in PAC

Ownership of PAC shares offers exposure to:

  • A global portfolio of specialized asset management boutiques with expertise across a broad range of asset classes and geographies
  • A deeply experienced leadership team with expertise in manager evaluation, transaction structuring, and business building
  • Differentiated business model among other multi-boutiques, offering:
    • Perpetual capital
    • Bespoke economic structures to create exceptional alignment
    • Strategic business resources from top industry leaders
    • Dedicated institutional distribution services to help affiliates grow more rapidly

Philosophy & Values

At Pacific Current we are focused on partnership. To that end, we bring a holistic view to building boutiques that is distinctive in the market. From strategic planning, to team building, compensation structuring, marketing and direct institutional sales, we can offer deep support to our affiliates, helping them thoughtfully grow.

  • Purpose

    A rightful partner, committed to finding and partnering with exceptional investment managers and helping them thoughtfully grow.

  • Passion

    You will not find a more dedicated team in the market, nor one with a more skilled hand in finding and building extraordinary investment boutiques.

  • Perspective

    No two managers are alike, and the way we view it, every partnership should be tailored to suit the needs of each company.

  • Progress

    Every day we strive to get a little bit better and know that with our passion, purpose, and perspective, we can achieve great things together.