Trent Erickson, COO

As Chief Operating Officer, Trent manages global operations and works closely with finance, legal, human resources, sales & marketing, and investments. Trent also works with our boutiques on a variety of financial and operational projects. Trent served as Chief Financial Officer at Northern Lights Capital Group (prior to merger with Pacific Current Group). Previously, Trent worked for more than 12 years at Deloitte, where he consulted on a variety of tax issues and serviced clients in the venture capital and private equity markets. Trent began his career in Washington, DC, assisting Senator Slade Gorton on commerce, transportation, and judiciary issues.

Trent graduated with a BA in political science from Pacific Lutheran University and also holds a JD/LLM/MBA from the University of Washington.

47° 36' 27.49" N, 122° 20' 17.225" W