Tony Robinson, Chairman

Tony has had an interesting journey here at Pacific Current Group as he originally joined the Board in August 2015, as a Non-executive Director. In April 2016, he became an Executive Director before returning to his role as a Non-executive Director in September 2018. A month later, October 2018, he was appointed as Chairman. He currently holds roles as Managing Director of PSC Insurance Group Limited and as a Non-executive Director of River Capital Pty Ltd.

Tony has significant expertise and experience across multiple industries including banking, financial services, telecommunications, and transportation. His previous roles include Managing Director of IOOF Ltd and OAMPS Limited, Director of Tasfoods Limited, Director of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited, and Non-executive Chairman of Longtable Group Ltd (currently Maggie Beer Holdings Limited).

Aside from his multi-faceted roles he is also a member of the Audit and Risk Committee and the Remuneration, Nomination and Governance Committee.

37° 48’ 50.206” S, 144° 58’ 14.015” E