Our evaluation of potential affiliates is not focused on investment performance or how rapidly a firm has grown. Rather, we search for firms that exhibit the investment process and organizational attributes necessary to provide and sustain their competitive advantages. This means that we seek to specifically identify those traits that are essential for perpetuating a firm’s success. To facilitate this evaluation we use a conceptual framework that determines “key success factors” for each strategy and then we systematically evaluate how the firm measures across these factors.

Ultimately, we are looking to build partnerships with entrepreneurs. After our formal evaluation process, our interactions are highly relational. We look for like-minded, team-oriented entrepreneurs who value having a partner in building their businesses.

Once we have formed the basis for a relationship with an investment firm or team we work to closely align interests by offering bespoke economic structures and creative long-term capital. No two investment managers are alike, and our goal is to find the best structure for each individual manager to address their unique goals

Our business is oriented towards growth, not towards control. We seek to amplify what’s unique and distinctive about each of our affiliates. At our core, we see ourselves as partners to the companies in our portfolio, always looking to add value wherever possible.


We seek to identify exceptionally talented investors, with attractive business prospects that exhibit the character/ cultural attributes that are necessary to build and manage a successful investment business.

Because investment management is such a meritocratic business, we are growth investors, with no interest in turnaround situations or investing in average firms.


We work with managers to closely align interests by offering flexible deal structures and creative long-term capital. No two managers are alike, and our goal is to find the best structure for each individual manager – addressing their unique goals — to build stable and sustainable partnerships.


Our team has decades of experience building, working in, and selling to many of the largest institutional investors in the world. We take that experience and work holistically with our firms to design – and in some cases implement – the most effective growth strategies for them.

We offer experience and resources for every aspect of the business: sales, marketing, operations, research, and management. No matter what, we roll up our sleeves and do whatever is needed to help our partners climb higher.

We are always seeking new opportunities to partner with world-class firms.  We are highly focused on seeking investments in what we call, “sunrise” segments of the market – those segments of the investment industry that we expect to be the beneficiaries of secular changes in investors’ asset allocations.

If you are a boutique asset manager looking for a strategic partner or interested in hearing more about our process, please contact Paul Greenwood at (253) 617-7815.